My niece, Brooke

June 20, 2009

Brooke drawing

Brooke drawing

Brooke holds light

Brooke holds light

Brooke resting

Brooke resting

Brooke Courtney Lehenbauer

Brooke Courtney Lehenbauer

Last summer I sat at the bedside of an amazing and beautiful young woman, my niece Brooke. She had made the decision to enter hospice and passed away almost a year ago. Despite severe cerebral palsy, Brooke was engaged in the world and loved to draw. In 2002 an exhibit of our collaborative work was held at the Texas Artists’ Museum in Port Arthur, Texas. Brooke’s line work developed over the years. It was active, sometime defining forms and always colorful. She was a keen colorist, patiently communicating to whoever was helping, just the right color from her huge collection of markers. It was then strapped into her hand and the work began.

Two  of Brooke Courtney Lehenbauer’s drawings, one collaboration and one completed solely by Brooke, will be shown along with my work at the Gardner House Museum this summer in Palmyra, MO.

3 Responses to “My niece, Brooke”

  1. Cindy Lehenbauer said

    Precious baby..

  2. All the parts of this post – photo, drawings, and text – are beautiful.

  3. Linda Courtney said

    It is coming up two years since our little girl passed on to Heaven. We miss her, but are glad she is with our Heavenly Father. There is no more pain and that was her wish. She did love drawing, and we all are so appreciative of Nancy Lehenbauer, who loved Brooke so much. She spent many hours with Brooke and shared her art and love. Thank you Nancy….

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