Sculpture on the morning walk

May 28, 2009

TreesFlowersBirds 005

Patrick Dougherty's sapling sculpture

Patrick Dougherty KU Sculpture 003

Swirling saplings

Today, Rob and I walked on the University of Kansas campus and came upon a Patrick Dougherty sapling sculpture commissioned by the Spencer Museum of Art. It’s an engaging and fantastic piece of work. The placement of the saplings gives the impression of a tornado surrounding a very calm tree. Further into the walk, swallows circled us in their crazy flight pattern as we walked around Potter’s Lake. While I was studying the birds I noticed Rob fooling with what I thought was a trash barrel. Not. It was a whirly-gig. Perhaps the inspiration was a Merry-Go-Round, but the fabric had come out of the pivot point making the whirly gig only partially operable.

Patrick Dougherty KU Sculpture 007

Inside the sculpture limb lines sweep around form

What's Rob fooling with?

What's Rob fooling with?

A whirly-gig sculpture that needs repair

Anonymous whirly-gig sculpture

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