Illustrations for a story

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Last year presented numerous opportunities for illustration. These are some of the drawings done for a writer of a children’s story about flowers and butterflies. Part of the story’s message is that all of us should take the time to appreciate the abundance and variety of exquisite life that surrounds us.

Girlfriends dancing to airport crp (438x380)

Girlfriends dancing to the airport


Watching a miracle


The Costume Tea Party with Butterflies

A Family Adventure Story, Part I

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Bikes to Canoes, Page

Clink on this link Family Marshall Trip Part 1 to follow the Marshall family through the woods and down the rivers, around the Gulf and the Florida panhandle on a travel adventure. The final panel shows a NASA shuttle blasting off. Guess who is on that ship? Follow their adventures in Part II

  • Watercolor and Ink on Moleskin Watercolor Paper
  • 3.5″ x 10″
  • In a private collection

Hansel and Gretel Dollhouse

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Hansel & Gretel Dollhouse

Hansel & Gretel interior

Hansel & Gretel Dollhouse, front and rt. side

Hansel & Gretel Dollhouse, side and rear view

Asked to paint a dollhouse for the Douglas County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), I was joined and benefited from the skilled help of family, John and Mindy Huston. My son suggested the theme, and two of my grandchildren modeled. The front facade of the witch lair finds Hansel reaching for a cookie shingle while the witch peeks out the cottage door. Gretel has pulled a gumdrop from the wall to eat. The back side of the house is dark and stormy. The interior has bats, spiders, black cats, a jar of eyeballs and all things creepy. Hansel has been fattened in his cage and Gretel acts to save their lives.

CASA, which benefits abused and neglected children, raises fund by selling chances to win a large dollhouse. To support their efforts, please go to the CASA website. or visit the CASA office, 1009 N.H., Suite B.

The Hansel & Gretel dollhouse, along with other donated dollhouses, was sold in a silent auction at an annual CASA Playhouse Celebration at the Lawrence Arts Center.

My niece, Brooke

Drawing with Brooke, Mixed Media, Paintings, Portraits

Brooke drawing

Brooke drawing

Brooke holds light

Brooke holds light

Brooke resting

Brooke resting

Brooke Courtney Lehenbauer

Brooke Courtney Lehenbauer

Last summer I sat at the bedside of an amazing and beautiful young woman, my niece Brooke. She had made the decision to enter hospice and passed away almost a year ago. Despite severe cerebral palsy, Brooke was engaged in the world and loved to draw. In 2002 an exhibit of our collaborative work was held at the Texas Artists’ Museum in Port Arthur, Texas. Brooke’s line work developed over the years. It was active, sometime defining forms and always colorful. She was a keen colorist, patiently communicating to whoever was helping, just the right color from her huge collection of markers. It was then strapped into her hand and the work began.

Two  of Brooke Courtney Lehenbauer’s drawings, one collaboration and one completed solely by Brooke, will be shown along with my work at the Gardner House Museum this summer in Palmyra, MO.