Last Cigarette

October 9, 2009

Last Cigarette“Last Cigarette”

  • Oil on Canvas
  • 12″ x 16″
  • In private collection

Inspired by another lonely and desolate blues song by Patsy Cline, titled something similar to this. The phone dates the piece. A phone my grandchildren would not recognize as one.
This is a poem I wrote to accompany the painting.

Last Cigarette

You could get along nicely without me, you’d said.
Let’s forget this day ever happened, I replied.
You’d left for one of those long walks
you take when you want nothing close.
I sit in this hazy low lit room
down to my last cigarette,


A Blues Story

September 30, 2009

One Cig
One Cigarette in the Ashtray

My husband is a fan of the blues. We’d been to hear k.d. lang singing Patsy Cline tunes while I was working on a series of blues paintings. This three part painting was inspired by one of her cigarette songs.  Cigarettes and depression seem to go hand in hand in blues tunes.

Following is poem inspired by this painting. Feel free to submit your own.

One Cigarette in the Ashtray

Late at night
I comfort a friend
by love abandoned.

We light two cigarettes.

Drinks and stories shared
in smokey haze

coerce my heart into
a lover’s daze.

two cigarettes in the ashtray
turn to three.

Old love appears
and begs to stay.
I witness metamorphosis
as the heartsick is steered
from sad to gay.

Transformation complete,
a look of thanks
and they’re gone.
I sit alone__
sipping coffee, bittersweet,

one cigarette in the ashtray.

by Nancy Marshall

Or a second version:

One Cigarette in the Ashtray

Late, I comfort one abandoned by love.

Our depressions match hand in glove.

Stories shared in smoky haze

Hearts drift into a lovers’ daze.

But the old love appears, begs to stay,

sits that cigarette in the ashtray.

Metamorphosis witnessed, the lovers agree

to try again for harmony.

A smile, a thanks, a brief goodbye,

I sip my coffee and stare outside.

Tribute Painting

April 26, 2009

Artists' Tribute

Artists' Tribute

  • 12″ x 16″
  • Oil on Canvas
  • In the collection of JC

In 1971 I painted a tribute to my then boyfriend, now husband, Rob, on his 24th birthday.  A number of my paintings since are tribute pieces, illustrating  memorable times, people, place and/or things.

In Artists’ Tribute I set up an “in the moment” still life, a kind of altar of tribute. Belle Johnson’s “Three Sisters” is in the foreground. She was a hometown photographer of my grandmother’s generation.  Georgia O’Keefe, Suzanne Valadon, Janet Fish, blues singers, all are paid tribute to in this oil on canvas. The blue bowl, pearls, cards, marbles, oranges and even stripes make an initial appearance in this painting.  This studio painting was done in the early 90s.

Question: Does anyone know whose work is the middle painting in the background?  Likely, late 19th century.