Stull Ranch through the seasons

Stull Ranch through the seasons
  • Oil on Ampersand Masonite Board
  • 20″ x 16″
  • In the collection of NH
  • Limited edition, signed Giclee (digital) print, 20″ x 16″, $375, plus tax and shipping. Ask about the SPECIAL OFFER on this print.

This ranch sits east of the small Kansas community of Stull. The beautiful stone buildings are signed by the Wulfkuhles, a name common in this area of Douglas County. Billowing clouds catch the last light of day passing into deep space where you should be able to locate the north star. Drifting stars become snow that carpet the farmstead. Spring is represented by the prairie fire and the new green of grass dotted with flowers. Summer’s carpet of prairie flowers with a richer green grass color sits above fall’s variation of yellows, golds and browns. The foreground brings the viewer back to winter.

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