Rob with curls

Rob – 2020

20” x 16”


Less frequent visits to Marty for a cut and trim has given Rob a new do. A portrait was irresistible. It hints at his approach to life, confident and playful. The Covid-19 pandemic has drawn out the curl in his hair. In this drawing, he sits outside contemplating his next play in a game of dominoes. The setting sun radiates behind scattered clouds bringing the end of another day. A walk through the surrounding prairie and forest usually provides a bouquet of turkey feathers. One decorates the picnic table.

Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have paused routines. It has given us an opportunity to contemplate what existence is and our obligation to, not only human life, but all life on the planet. That once was how we spent part of our winters, now it takes a pandemic to slow us down. My hope for you is that everyday you’re able to step outside and breathe deeply with appreciation. Stay safe and healthy.

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