Maxx 2022

Maxx 2022
  • Oil on Ampersand Panels
  • diptych, 32″ x 12″

Maxx is beginning his independent life with the love and support of family and friends. Except for the sciences he now studies at a community college and how he might enjoy his free time with new friends, his future is undecided. His story is still unfolding. My favorite author, Craig Childs, writes in the intro to “Virga & Bone” about the process of writing story, or in Maxx’ case, living story. I paraphrase Childs’ idea here: Some stories are easy to tell, flowing without looking up, and others are crumpled, difficult to make sense of what happens. Any story worth telling should feel like pulling something burning out of yourself. There you find what you are devoted to.

I hope that Maxx finds what deserves his devotion by both the flowing and crumpled paths. Sometimes to keep going, to ask for help and to give one’s best, takes courage. In that attribute Maxx is wealthy.

Maxx has found himself in a few works of art through his 18 years. You may have to look , but he’s in there.

One thought on “Maxx 2022

  1. Blessings for Maxx and his life adventures!
    You’ve captured his growing up years well.
    He’ll probably surprise his family as he searches for his passion! 💕

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