Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Herron 2019

  • Watercolor on 300# watercolor paper with deckle edge
  • Approx 20″ x 30″
  • In the collection of M Howe.
  • See limited time, pre-publication print offer below.

After planting trees for days along a Kansas creek, our evening respite would find us sitting below giant sycamores that held a Great Blue Heron rookery. Although their eyesight allows for day and night hunting, they returned to the rookery at sunset. Spreading their broad wings, stretching scrawny legs, we held our breath as they aimed for the targeted nest. Sometimes they missed, but quickly switched from gawky to graceful as they swept around for another try. A seasonal bird where I live, they mark spring with their arrival. Rarely will one fly close-by, but if it does, it’s memorable.

This watercolor of the Great Blue Heron is being offered as a giclée (digital) print at pre-publication prices.

  • Small, approx size 10” x 12” – $65
  • Medium, approx size 14” x 18”  – $95
  • Large, approx size 22” x 31”  – $125
  • Extra Large, approx size 34” x 44” – $200
    Tax will be added and shipping costs, if necessary.

Contact the artist to receive an order sheet. Thank you for your patronage.

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