Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Herron 2019

  • Watercolor on 300# watercolor paper with deckle edge
  • Approx 20″ x 30″
  • In the collection of M Howe
  • Signed, Digital Prints Available
    • Small print, approx size 10” x 12” – $155
    • Medium print, approx size 14” x 18”  – $255
    • Large print, approx size 22” x 31”  – $395
    • Extra Large, approx size 34” x 44” – $495
      Tax will be added and shipping costs, if necessary.

Mary Howe’s story that inspired this Great Blue Heron painting:

Our dog Sadie came into our lives unexpectedly. She was hit by a car on a bitter December morning and not picked up until late in the day. She was taken to our friend’s vet clinic, and at first it was unclear whether she would even make it. The two vets believed that any dog who had survived eight hours beside the road on a 6-degree day deserved to live. They reconstructed her smashed pelvis and she spent the next two months recovering at the clinic. We weren’t planning to get an additional dog, but when we learned about her, how could we not? She had soulful eyes, a funny peg-leg gait, and a joyful spirit. She watched for big birds – mostly turkey vultures, but also hawks and great blue herons – and chased them, barking, as they flew overhead. Once, I’m afraid, a baby bird fell out of its nest at her feet and she gobbled it up. After a couple of years with us, she developed bone cancer in her right front leg. There was no question of amputating it because her back legs were already compromised, and we were not
willing to put her through cancer treatment. My husband and I and the two vets who had saved her life sat around Sadie in a circle on a blanket in the front yard, along with our other dog, Buster. It was a beautiful day. Sadie received
the first tranquilizing shot in her leg. She lay quietly looking at all of us. Then a great blue heron flew overhead, very low, closer than I’ve ever seen one. Sadie lifted and swiveled her head to follow it across the sky, and then laid her head down for the last time. We are lucky enough to see many great blue herons where we live, and they bring us great joy.

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