A Blues Story

One Cig
One Cigarette in the Ashtray

Listening to k.d. lang singing Patsy Cline tunes while I work led to this series of blues paintings. A three part painting inspired by cigarettes and depression. They seem to go hand in hand.

Poems inspired by the painting.

One Cigarette in the Ashtray

Late at night
comforting a friend,

Two cigarettes are lit.

Drinks and stories
in smokey haze

move my heart
into a lover’s daze.

The old love appears,
and begs to stay.

Two cigarettes in the ashtray
turn to three.
I witness my friend
return to good cheer.

Transformation complete,
a look of thanks
and they’re gone.
I sit alone__
sipping coffee, bittersweet,

one cigarette in the ashtray.

Or a second version:

One Cigarette in the Ashtray

Late, I comfort one abandoned by love.

Our depressions match hand in glove.

Stories shared in smoky haze

Hearts drift into a lovers’ daze.

But the old love appears, begs to stay,

sits that cigarette in the ashtray.

Metamorphosis witnessed, the lovers agree

to try again for harmony.

A smile, a thanks, a brief goodbye,

I sip my coffee and stare outside.


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