Glorious Moonflowers

September 17, 2014



  • Pastels on Black Paper
  • 25″ x 20″

Moonflowers are a favorite. I planted them around giant Russian sunflowers. The sunflowers heads are now drying, their stalks supporting the vining moonflowers. Transient and fragile, the blossoms develop over several days, appearing as spiraling cones. Unfurling after sunset, the delicately¬† petaled blossom is supported by the star shaped spine, which is as delicate as the petal. The flowers spread open through the night and, if we’re lucky, for a few hours in the morning.

I started this pastel as a meditative drawing outside, but finished it at my drawing table.

Naomi, 8 years

September 7, 2014

  • ??????????????????????

    Naomi at 8 years

  • Approx 30″ x 12″
  • Watercolor
  • NFS

The artist is practicing watercolor technique with some Wayne Thiebaud influence.