April 8, 2013



  • Oil on Masonite (Ampersand)
  • 36″ x 12″

Charlie is independent, resourceful and skilled. He planted an orchard, including the American Plum, and raises his own food from seeds he has saved. He is a forester, a sawyer, a builder and a fine woodworker. He is a collector of interesting things and a vivid storyteller with a sense of humor. He shares his gifts with those he loves. Charlie is a fine man.

Note: Charlie died in his home late in 2013; a home he built, filled with the furniture he masterfully made. I was lucky to meet this man.

2 Responses to “Charlie”

  1. jam11 said

    Hi Nancy,

    A classic. Very nice, reminds me of many people,  places and times. A composite of rural manhood surrounded by life. Any Charlie would be proud of this portrayal. Thank you for sending it to me. I am very excited about Laura’s visit. Love you, Andy  

  2. Janet Ishkanian said

    There are not as many guys like Charlie in this world as when I was a kid. I had an uncle who was much like Charlie. I was happy to see your new painting in my email this morning. It is great.

    Love, Janet

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