Breakfast on a Misty River

May 31, 2012

Breakfast on the misty river

    • Oil on Canvas
    • 36″ x 48″
    • $6900
    • Giclée (Digital) Prints, Signed on Archival Paper
      Small (12″ x 16″ w/ 1″ border)  $295
      Medium (24″ x 32″w/ 2″ border)  $495
      Large (30″ x 40″ w/ 2″ border)  $750


As the river meanders towards the horizon the warm light of the sunrise colors the mist. Clouds echo the river’s trail, partially covering a low lit moon. Bountiful food, savory and sweet, and coffee make for a morning
feast. Soft breezes blow, lifting the table’s skirt revealing butterfly milkweed, a prairie plant.

It is said to never under-estimate the importance of encountering wild things during moments of solitude. The artist forsakes solitude for companionship and offers up lots of wild things:
A butterfly glides toward the table, one clings to the billowing cloth while another sits astride a macaroon.
Caterpillars crawl on cloth and a milkweed plant, where a chrysalis hangs.
A buck and doe stand alert.
Great Blue Herons fly through vaporous ribbons of mist.
Ducks are startled and erupt in flight from the river’s edge.
Turkeys swim and scurry up the bank.
An eagle soars.
A ladybug sits.
A crystal rests on the table.
Hummingbirds flutter and feed around the zinnia and turkey feather bouquet.
Planets, the Milky Way, comets, galaxies and the morning star hint at the bigger, cosmic picture.

7 Responses to “Breakfast on a Misty River”

  1. Cindy Lehenbauer said

    Love it!

  2. Nancy Hughes said

    Nance – A really beautiful piece of work. Nancy H.

  3. Joyce said

    Absolutely beautiful Nancy. Just like you!

  4. […] Giclée Print Offering “Breakfast on a Misty River” Printed on archival paper. These prices are available throughout 2012. 12″ x 15″ image […]

  5. galen said

    Luscious…ethereal…celebrating life and exuberant abundance…a cosmic moment in time capturing a few mysterious elements of life…jeepers…i could sit in front of this one and travel
    outside my earth-bound body…..

  6. nlmstudio said

    This is beautiful, luminescent, totally whimsical, with the galaxy in the background! Visually exciting, it seems almost to be dancing. Congratulations! Jolene B.

  7. Lisa-Marie said

    Gorgeous work, Nancy. Love the mist, mystical feel and beautiful imagery. A winner!

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