Kansas City Urban Garden

August 13, 2011

A few weeks ago I walked through a whimsical, yet beautiful and productive community garden at 18th and Broadway in Kansas City, Missouri. I don’t know its story, but obviously some talented folks put it together. The setting is just south of Bartle Hall and the new Kaufman Performing Arts Center. A modern sculptural beehive sits above the garden on a pole. The shed is solar powered and there’s a sculptural piece that appears to be a wind turbine. The pathways meander past a large water swale with tumbling limestone(?) cubes. Vegetable plants were flourishing.  I’d love to see many more gardens in our towns and cities like this.  If touring the garden makes you hungry, there’s a lovely restaurant/antiques/boutique nearby in a beautiful old school named The Webster House.

Beehive Skyscraper

Nancy in the KC Urban Garden

Looking south from the Garden

Windmill in the Urban Garden

Dog and Man

August 5, 2011

Dan and Charlie

  • Scratchboard and ink
  • 8″  x 10″

The Lawrence Humane Society will be holding its annual fundraiser on Friday, September 30th. This is the drawing I’m contributing to the auction. Family members, Dan and Charlie, are the subjects.