Jones and McBride Show at The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs

Art Gallery

Sculpture by Bill McBride

Scupltures by Bill McBride

"Seed" by Bill McBrideHackberry Sculpture by Bill McBride

Sculpture by Bill McBride

A new gallery has opened in Kansas called The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs.  You’ll find it on scenic highway 177 just north of Matfield Green, Kansas, in the heart of the Flint Hills.  The arts of two citizens of Matfield Green are featured until June 28th,  Elaine Shea Jones’ insightful and lovely photographs and Bill McBride’s fun and fanciful sculptures. Combine a visit to the gallery with a walk at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve north of Strong City and you’ll have a richer experience. Area dining options include The Grand Central Hotel and Emma Chase Cafe in Cottonwood Falls and the hamburger bar, The Hitchin’ Post, in Matfield.