Maxx’ Drawing “Racing to the Birthing Center”

Drawing with Kids, Miscellaneous

Racing to the Birthing Center

  • Marker on paper
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • Priceless

My grandson, Maxx, loves to draw and I really like this drawing. His family is just a few weeks, perhaps days, away from welcoming a new baby into the world. During a visit from one of the birthing center’s staff, Maxx drew this picture of the family racing for the Birthing Center. No doubt he recalls how fast his little sister, Naomi, arrived. She was birthed on the living room couch. In the drawing, the purple spot below the runners is their car; the only one in the parking lot, Maxx explains. As for the runners, Dad’s in front, Maxx and his sister, Naomi, in the middle and mom brings us the rear.