Beautiful Rita

October 10, 2009

Thinking of Rita ifinal
“Thinking of Rita”

  • Colored pencil on illustration board

My CA sister-in-law, Rita, died in August of 2008. A few months before I’d sent her this drawing, which she called to tell me she loved. She liked the wind blowing through her hair, beautiful hair that chemo had made disappear. She was a California blonde beauty who loved water and swimming with ocean animals. A lover of life, I depicted her as Botticelli had his Venus, while daylight moves into night,  and the stars are echoed in her dress.  (sigh)………she is missed.

2 Responses to “Beautiful Rita”

  1. kseverny said

    it is a really great drawing

  2. Mary Lenti said

    I loved this drawing of Rita. She was somewhat leery to take it and get it framed as she didn’t want to take any chances with it. She really loved it! I miss her everyday. You wouldn’t have and pictured copies of it would you? Just had to ask. I had a great time wandering through your beautiful work.
    This is Rita’s best friend Mary. We have met a couple of times. Take care Nancy.

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