August 24, 2009



  • Oil on Canvas
  • 12″ x 9″
  • In a private collection

A fruit, unique for it’s color, taste and texture, is also a reminder to live with open and non-judging spirit towards others. The following story, shared by one of my teachers, is an example of that.

As a young girl my teacher, Eve, loved playing alone. When her parents were busy with duties at the church they ministered, the upstairs neighbor was around if Eve needed anything, but she was allowed to play alone. Her father officiated many weddings and Eve’s mother played the organ. Before leaving for a wedding one Saturday, Eve’s mom explained wedding rituals, including how brides dressed. It sounded lovely to young Eve. Before departing, Eve’s parents handed her a pomegranate to enjoy while they were gone.

Deciding to dress herself as a bride, Eve pulled the lace curtains off the living room windows and wrapped them around herself, sat down on the floor and enjoyed her juicy pomegranate. Returning from the wedding, Eve’s mother found her in the living room, sitting amidst pomegranate stained curtains. Her mother paused, studied her daughter and said without anger and without shaming her daughter; “My goodness, and who are you suppose to be?”

One Response to “Pomegranate”

  1. I love this painting. It has your beautiful details yet is spare and light.

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