How Deer Antlers Found Their Way To My Wall

Birds in Paintings, Miscellaneous, Paintings
Mike Brewer with Deer Rack and Bluebirds

Mike Brewer with "Deer Rack and Bluebirds"

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 20″ x 14″ approx
  • In the collection of MB

Mike and my husband, Rob, spend a lot of time on the farm cutting, seeding and mowing trails and building treehouses among other things. Last winter they came upon a deer carcass and Mike really wanted the rack. So the next time they were out, they cut the rack from the deer skull which was no easy task. A few weeks later, generous soul that he is, Mike showed up with the mounted rack as a gift. This is a painting of the mounted rack along with a flock of bluebirds who also like to  gather on the farm. The strip frame was made in woodworking from Tresa’s mahogany and the turkey feathers hanging from the bottom can regularly be found along the trails or on the prairie.

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