Jude and Jeremiah

August 4, 2009

Jude and Jeremiah Final Drawing Web Size
Jude and Jeremiah with their Final Drawing 09 005

  • “Jude and Jeremiah”
  • Pencil on Clayboard
  • 36″ x 12″
  • In the collection of JS/S

Jude and Jeremiah are brothers and playmates of my grandchildren. In the drawing, Jude and Jeremiah stand among their favorite things; trucks, cars, things that go, aardvark, skunk and Marley, the dog, to name a few. The drawing goes underground showing plant roots, beetle larva, earthworms and an antlion. Above ground are praire grasses and flowers, a cricket, a grasshopper under a magnifying glass, monarch butterfly, ants
(one about to become the antlion’s dinner), a caterpillar,
a bird of prey soaring in the clouds
which billow towards outer space, where you’ll
find a spaceship and planets galore.

One Response to “Jude and Jeremiah”

  1. cindy sears said

    Darn, I just wrote you a sweet note about how much I love you and your work and your drawings that I’ve never seen, and then I clicked on drawings with children and it disappeared — couldn’t come back to it. Laura/Mary, can you guys fix that? I love the website. I adore plein aire with Naomi. 🙂

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