May 13, 2009


  • Oil on Canvas
  • In the collection of AL

Ann lives along the Rio Grande River of New Mexico, where, among other things, she raises a few chickens. The chicken house is classy. It has a saloon door.

Ann is a wonderful storyteller and a story maker. I painted this smart and funny woman in her home environment, near the river’s irrigation ditch, with the hills and mountains of NM behind her.

Many stories can be told about Ann. I chose chickens to represent how gloriously domestic she is. The coyote represents her sense of adventure. Once in the Mojave desert, Ann was sleeping under the night sky deep in an arroyo in a hammock, when a pack of coyotes set her bed swinging as they ran under her. I love that. So there’s a coyote acting like a bush in the desert background.

The rug has figures holding hands. Friends.

Some of the painting emulates the styles of southwest painters, TC Cannon and a little Georgia O’Keefe.

One Response to “Ann”

  1. Trish said

    Having just returned from a relaxing trip to New Mexico, this painting is true to life in my eyes. What wonderous colors the Lord painted out there to make up for the lack of grass and trees!!!

    While in Santa Fe, I broused through the Wyeth Hurd Gallery. Enjoyed a chat with Andrew’s nephew, who is manager of the family Gallery. I told Mike that I would love to drive out there with a van and load up on purchases to bring back to the Midwest. Not that I didn’t return with a few goodies this trip; just couldn’t bring any large items back on the plane. For some reason, Mike did not want to pay shipping on an 80 lb item????

    Love you, Trish

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