A friend in the Flint Hills

April 30, 2009


Emily in the Flint Hills

This is an example of a painting started in the field, literally, and finished in the studio. Three canvases are joined for this Flint Hills view. It seemed the perfect background for a wonderful woman who has decided to make the Flint Hills her home. Ever gracious, welcoming and interesting, Emily sits holding her cup of tea, one of which you would also be sipping if you were her guest. The red pillows? Late into the evening one weekend at Em’s we sewed red pillows  which were set on straw bales for the live music venue at a local festival. Where did all that red fabric come from? I think those trunks in the attic are magic.

3 Responses to “A friend in the Flint Hills”

  1. Virginia Allain said

    What an interesting portrait. I’m a big fan of the Flint Hills so the backdrop adds to the appeal.

  2. […] Kansas Park Trust juried exhibit Buttonwood Art Space October 1, 2010 – November 20, 2010 3013 Main Street Kansas City, MO 64108 816/285-9000 800/448-9093 info@buttonwoodartspace.com Two paintings will be exhibited: Still Life on the Kansas River Emily in the Flint Hills […]

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