Plein air Painting in the Flint Hills of KS

April 29, 2009

The Flint Hills of Kansas are beautiful. John and Annie kindly allowed me to paint on their ranch in the heart of Flint Hill country. I am most grateful. This canvas is small and there wasn’t a big wind, so no tie-downs. Even on a gorgeous spring day, there are chiggers and ticks, plus bees, who are attracted to color on my palette. So I sulphur around my boots and set up on an old ground-cover. The bees don’t stick around long and I’m happy in the shade of the umbrella. We seldom give ourselves permission to just go to a great spot and sit for a day or days. Painting is my reason.

4 Responses to “Plein air Painting in the Flint Hills of KS”

  1. Laura said

    You’re the cutest.

  2. I love this photo.

  3. Trish said

    Love the Lehenbauer smile!

  4. deby adrian said

    Nancy the lovely! I must see you when I come to Lawrence next time.

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